Delay a Car Payment Indefinitely

Once the vehicle is paid for most people hurry to trade it in, if they have not already leased a new car or truck. That is fine for some who must be in new vehicles all the time, but many people are keeping that old vehicle running to avoid a car payment. This is an excellent strategy as long as the vehicle is not costing a small fortune operate. New vehicles made be made of plastic that will fold up like an accordion at the slightest fender bender, but they are getting better gas mileage.
Compare Operating Costs Unless that old car is constantly needing costly repairs, chances are it is cheaper than a car payment. If repairs are adding up quickly, it may be more cost-effective to get something newer. Do not simply compare the cost of the current repairs to the price of a new car. Consider the insurance premium, the life expectancy, the maintenance and the savings in gas. A new car, for example, will raise insurance costs immensely.

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